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The Wild World of Willows:  Natural History, Ecology and more!

As a community, let’s intertwine our root masses of relationships so that soil and soul can stay in place, in the same way that willows prevent stream erosion. Let’s collectively create flexible stems and skills that help us weave baskets of inclusivity and resilience. And may we cultivate adaptability so that we are able to re-root even if we’re torn away by the floodwaters and lost for some time…

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Living Relationally: An Exploration with Nastassja Noell

How do we live relationally when we are surrounded by polarization; when fulfilling our basic needs of food, water, and shelter are often in direct opposition to our intention to live with integrity and cause no harm? Explore the new publications from Firefly’s Registration Coordinator and resident lichenologist, Nastassja Noell, which explore what humans might learn from fungus about living relationally.

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Meet Tod Kershaw, The Pre/Post Apocalyptic Blacksmith

As a returning Perennial Workshops and long-time Annual Gathering Instructor, we thought it high time to celebrate this beloved instructor and close Firefly friend. Learn about his winding toward blacksmithing, dumpster diving, and the heart of the Earthskills community, and join him at his upcoming workshops this year!

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Doug Elliot

An ode to Doug Elliott, Appalachian storyteller, herbalist and naturalist

One of Firefly’s treasured elders, Doug Elliott, brings his story and song year after year to the Firefly Gathering. In this most recent episode of the Ground Shots Podcast, Doug and Firefly’s own Kelly Moody sit down in his home to reflect on life close to the land, reasons for telling stories, and his curiosity about nature through the years. Blending interview with clips of past performances, this personal and detailed look into Doug Elliott’s life and exploration of his storytelling is not to be missed!

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How to Be a Lichen

“How can we live in balance with our ecosystems and each other? How do we meet our needs without depleting Earth and exploiting each other? Earthskills. Learning the names and gifts of the beings around us. Earthskills. Creating with our hands in gratitude. Earthskills…and some dharma style biomimicry.”

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The Hunter’s Full Moon Gala Gratitudes

It’s time… for a humongous, joyous, and loving THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Hunter’s Full Moon Gala! Whether you flew in solo or inspired friends and family to come along, danced in the audience or offered your time and talents- after two long years without an event, we are reminded of the many reasons we do what we do… it’s YOU!

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Activism, Social Justice and The Firefly Gathering

Activism is nothing new to The Firefly Gathering, which started because a group of folks realized that the current paradigm was completely unsustainable for our species and planet. However, some folks say Firefly is not the place for activism…here’s our thoughts.

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Solitary orange tent in forest at the firefly gathering

2020 Financial Statement

We hope this finds you basking in the ever lengthening rays of spring sunshine, even if that means seeking out a solitary beam of sunlight and letting it fall upon you in your quarantined reality. Whatever this time may look like for you, may the sun shine upon you and fill your soul with joy!

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Firefly’s Response to Covid-10

As the world experiences this great COVID-19 crisis together, one of the best ways we can serve each other is to limit our contact, thereby slowing the rate of transmission and hopefully keeping health care available for all who need it.

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