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The Age of Deer

In celebration of Erika Howsare’s new book, The Age of Deer, we are excited to share this excerpt with you. In this new work, Erika shares a first-hand account of her first time at the Gathering.

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Jason Clark, "Winona and the Big Oil "Windigo"

Dealing with Modern Windigo

It is maddening to watch centuries of history repeat itself, with the age-old lies of scarcity and greed underlying the motives of all who seek power over others. As late-stage capitalism unravels, I am left to ponder how we got to this point collectively, and more importantly, how do we get out?

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What’s In A Name?

The second Monday of October in the United States officially celebrates both Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s Day. In looking at the history of this strange reality, the complexity of how and what we celebrate offers insight into where to go from here.

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labor day

Labor Day Reflections

This celebration was designated a national holiday in 1894 in honor of all of the hardworking laborers in the country and the struggles they faced to secure fundamental human rights and safe working conditions. More than 100 years later, however, workers are still fighting these same kinds of battles.

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embodying sacred economics 1

Embodying Sacred Economics

By intentionally using our resources (and money), we redefine the terms of this social agreement for ourselves so that we might begin to shift as a whole. What is a resource after all, if not a REturn to SOURCE?

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