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Labor Day Reflections

This celebration was designated a national holiday in 1894 in honor of all of the hardworking laborers in the country and the struggles they faced to secure fundamental human rights and safe working conditions. More than 100 years later, however, workers are still fighting these same kinds of battles.

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Embodying Sacred Economics

By intentionally using our resources (and money), we redefine the terms of this social agreement for ourselves so that we might begin to shift as a whole. What is a resource after all, if not a REturn to SOURCE?

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Sun Down Gatherings: A Call to Community

At Firefly, evening fires honor the connection to our human ancestors in community-centered circles to integrate and embody what we experienced that day. Learn more about the importance of our evenings together below!

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Firefly Gathering 2022 Annual Report

2022 was Firefly Gathering’s first year back to the annual gathering since COVID, and we had the second annual gathering since receiving our 501c3 nonprofit status. Over the last three years since becoming a nonprofit, Firefly Gathering has grown and is blossoming with new vigor! Read the 2022 annual report here!

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Young girl in hand-made animal costume for Youth Village parade

Youth Village and Nature Connection at Firefly Gathering

Building relationships with nature early on can make a huge difference in your child’s journey to getting to know themselves deeply, and in reclaiming their birthright: the ability to be in nature with ease. In this spirit, youth at Firefly are fully immersed in the goodness of nature at Youth Village during class time for adults and teens.

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Portrait of metal work instructor, Gray Taylor

Earthskills are Riveting: Q & A with Metal Work Instructor Gray Taylor

“I see Earthskills as a way for people to regain the grounding effects of being in nature, to hear again the sounds of birds, frogs and laughter; to use their hands to craft things from the natural world as all of our ancestors once survived upon…that is the village that we all seek to build, and Earthskills Gatherings are one way to feel that calling.”

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