Madison Moore

Artist Madison Moore Prioritizes The Outdoors

"It wasn't until I started attending Earthskills gatherings that I reconnected with my ‘Little Me’ who had participated in nature, not existing merely as a witness and bystander to its workings."

Madison Moore is an amazing human indeed. Having attended her first Earthskills gathering five years ago at the age of 23, she has quickly made herself indispensable to the movement. Starting as a sign maker, Madison utilized and highlighted her background in the fine arts, but it quickly became apparent to all that her artistic ability was just the tip of the iceberg. Each subsequent event found Madison taking on more and more responsibilities, and now she is involved in various upper levels of organization with multiple Earthskills gatherings in the US Southeast. 

When asked if this lifestyle was a big stretch from her childhood, Madison replied that “as a child, I grew up playing in and with nature a whole heck of a lot. Rather than going to the neighborhood park, my dad, siblings, mom, and I spent our weekends going sailing and exploring the barrier islands off the coast of South Carolina. Sometimes my folks would take me to my grandmothers’ houses. My dad’s mom lived on a Bald Cypress swamp, where I kayaked among the cypress knees and swam in the black-dyed waters. My mom’s mother lived in Black Mountain, North Carolina. She’d take me for walks in the woods and name every wildflower, and I’d swing from grape vines. I was blessed to have role models who prioritized getting my siblings and me outdoors. I guess that’s what started feeling my deep love for nature. However, something happened when I was a teenager – typical I suppose. My focus on nature was distracted by the need to fit in with my peers and, umm, boys. It wasn’t until I started attending Earthskills gatherings that I reconnected with my ‘Little Me’ who had participated in nature, not existing merely as a witness and bystander to its workings.”

Madison went on to say that “Earthskills are important to me because the gatherings, the skills, the community saved me. I found my way to an Earthskills gathering for the first time in my early twenties, and thank all the goodness in the world that I did! I quickly felt the wounds and gaps in my soul begin to heal and fill. I had been bumbling around in the darkness looking for genuine connection to, I guess ultimately, what it means to be human on planet Earth. What I found when I began playing with the dirt, the plants and the people surrounding me is that I am an animal who has instincts, too. My ancestors lived in harmony with nature much like the four-leggeds in the forest still do today. We humans, as children of the Earth, are messing up this planet severely. Participating in Earthskills is the only constructive, inclusive and deeply connective opportunity I have found that shook my so-called modern perspective and helped me see that looking to the past informs us better how to live in the future.”

Madison brings so much to every event she involves herself with – from carpentry and welding, to artistic design and layout…not to mention having open, honest, heartfelt fun! She is now moving into a new leadership role within the Firefly family, drawing on the experiences she gained during years at transformational festivals, art events and Earthskills gatherings to help weave together the best elements from them all to inspire and empower all people along the way.

When asked what she thinks is the single most important thing a person can do to help make the world a better place right now, Madison replied, “Pay attention, slow down and think about the implications of your actions and choices. Annnnddddd, invite a friend or a stranger to one of the many Earthskills gatherings across the country!”

Say hello to Madison at the next Earthskills gathering you attend and prepare to be inspired!


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Lily Harlin


Lily is an artist, creator, and dreamer. Since a very young age, she has been immersed in the natural world and draws heavy inspiration from the wild. Though her medium changes frequently, Lily’s art and expression always incorporate an element of the organic and unpredictable. She got her associate in fine arts in 2023, and now volunteers at her school as a ceramic studio monitor. She hopes to open a studio of her own one day to have a place to teach and inspire others. In addition to doing commission work, Lily has been creating many graphics for The Firefly Gathering since 2019. Lily grew up in the Earthskills community from the time she was eight years old, so having the opportunity to grow and give back in so many ways has been incredibly fulfilling. No matter where she ends up, this group of people and ideas will always hold a special place in her heart.