Activism, Social Justice and The Firefly Gathering

equity cartoon

Activism is nothing new to The Firefly Gathering, which started because a group of folks realized that the current paradigm was completely unsustainable for our species and planet. However, some folks say Firefly is not the place for activism…here’s our thoughts.

Sharing Herbal Wisdom With Children

Family chopping herbs

I taught my oldest son that plants are our friends, and that they are living, breathing, and beneficial.

Savoring Spring with Ayurvedic Intuitive Eating

fresh asparagus for spring lunches

As the heaviness of winter slips away you may notice your body naturally craving lighter foods. The spring season begs us to please our palates with edibles that are lower in fat, cleansing, and naturally detoxifying.

Why fermentation?

natural fermenting in a mason jar

Sometimes I feel as though the bacteria chose me, and not the other way around.

Gifting: One of Many Ways to Say “I Love You”

Take a moment to pause and think about what we’re trying to accomplish by gifting at all.