Hide Fever: Instructor Feature with Rain Hall

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“We are countering waste culture and consumerism by using the often discarded deer hides to make something beautiful, with our own hands, that was not bought in a store or mass produced. When we are learning, sharing and using these hide sewing skills, we are re-learning connection to the wilderness, the earth and that which provides and sustains us.” – Rain Hall

Finding Solace: An Interview with Jessica Kaufman

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“When all feels chaotic around me and inside me, I seek solace in my quiet time single-tasking on a craft that requires me to do nothing but the same movement over and over, building something that didn’t exist before.” – Jessica Kaufman

The Wild World of Willows:  Natural History, Ecology and more!

As a community, let’s intertwine our root masses of relationships so that soil and soul can stay in place, in the same way that willows prevent stream erosion. Let’s collectively create flexible stems and skills that help us weave baskets of inclusivity and resilience. And may we cultivate adaptability so that we are able to re-root even if we’re torn away by the floodwaters and lost for some time…

Mushroom Foraging in Fall – Firefly’s Favorite Five Fungi

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Our favorite mycelial friends are back in action, and we’ve put together our top 5 favorite fall mushrooms in the Southern Appalachians, with ID tips, how to cook them and where to find them.

Living Relationally: An Exploration with Nastassja Noell

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How do we live relationally when we are surrounded by polarization; when fulfilling our basic needs of food, water, and shelter are often in direct opposition to our intention to live with integrity and cause no harm? Explore the new publications from Firefly’s Registration Coordinator and resident lichenologist, Nastassja Noell, which explore what humans might learn from fungus about living relationally.