Magical Mead Making w/ Marissa Percoco

Delve into the ancient art of mixing honey–the nectar of the flowers of plants gathered by the bees–with local fruit, flowers, roots & herbs to create divine expressions of beverage […]

Hand-Dipped Beeswax Candle Making with Jessica Kaufman

Hand-Dipped Beeswax Candle Making with Jessica Kaufman This year, shine brightly on the shortest days of the year by creating your own beautiful, sustainable light! Dipping tapered beeswax candles is […]

Our Magnificent Trees: Identification, Uses, Folklore, and More with Luke Cannon

Autumn is a wonderful time for learning about the magnificent trees of our region and their incredible uses and folklore. Beyond being beautiful and inspiring (especially in the fall!), trees […]

Fungi & Wild Mushroom Identification Walk with Luke Cannon

Join Luke Cannon in discovering the astounding world of wild mushrooms and fungi on this forest walk near Asheville, NC! More than a botanist, Luke Cannon is a long-time pursuer […]

Sewing Buckskin Pouches with Rain Hall

We are countering waste culture and consumerism by using the often discarded deer hides to make something beautiful with our own hands that was not bought in a store or […]