Winter Wild Edible Plants of the Southern Appalachians

Botanical drawing of Allium vinaele, a wild edible found in the southern Appalachians

Compared to most of temperate North America, the Southern Appalachians offer a veritable feast of wild edible plants in the winter. Here’s a few common species to get you started!

Firefly Gathering: New Location Announcement

mountains ppl

We have some big announcements to share with you!

Dancing Our Way to Liberation

overlooked activism

Let us bring our hearts, minds and bodies together to support each other and stir up some transformative, motivational mischief in these troubling times.

Dealing with Modern Windigo

Jason Clark, "Winona and the Big Oil "Windigo"

It is maddening to watch centuries of history repeat itself, with the age-old lies of scarcity and greed underlying the motives of all who seek power over others. As late-stage capitalism unravels, I am left to ponder how we got to this point collectively, and more importantly, how do we get out?

Living on the Edge: Ecotones

Forest on Baxter Creek Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park By Miguel.v Own work CC BY SA 3.0 httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid22208730 scaled

In ecosystems, the ecotone is like a musical notation–indicating where the landscape’s song changes from one ecosystem to the next.