Perennial Workshops

A year-round, ongoing workshop series near Asheville, NC.
Perennial describes things that recur with regularity and endure, existing for a long or apparently infinite time, suggesting self-renewal.

The Firefly Gathering has long had an intention to make the life-changing skills that we offer at our Annual Gathering accessible to more people. We are incredibly excited and grateful to announce Perennial Firefly! This program serves to broaden our reach into every season of the year. Whether you’ve been curious about our annual gathering but haven’t yet made it, or if you’ve attended in the past but simply want more, this is a great opportunity to learn!

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Sliding Scale Ticket Pricing

All of our classes are designed to be accessible to a broad range of people, while honoring our instructors, the venue, and the effort it takes to bring all these components together. To achieve this goal, each class is priced independently and most are offered on a sliding scale. Part of our vision here at Firefly is shifting cultural paradigms. Currently folks with access to more wealth have more opportunity for growth and connection. We do not feel that this is an equitable approach. The classes, experiences and skills that we offer are important for everyone. You can contribute to that goal.

To engage in mutual community support, consider the options below and select your price at checkout.

  • For those who have enough to share, thank you for being a Sponsor. This is an opportunity to contribute towards the cost of the class for someone else.

  • The Standard reflects what it costs to produce the class and cover basic expenses.

  • We offer an additional Equity Discount to those who are owed amends for generations of physical, cultural, spiritual and institutional harm. If you are from a racialized community, feel that you are owed reparations, and could use this discount, this price tier is for you.

This is equity. We care deeply for each other, and are working to transform the world into a culture of abundance and opportunity for all. Thank you for helping us. This is what keeps Firefly going and helps build more sustainability, resilience, and connection in our community and our world.


One way to connect with the Firefly community is to offer your skills and wisdom through teaching. The Firefly Gathering is honored to work with so many skilled instructors over the years, who offer classes spanning a broad range of topics, skills, and perspectives. We seek out local masters in each field who are excited to come and share the skills and knowledge that they have refined over years of study, practice, and instruction.

Do you share our mission and want your class considered in our program? We hold space for new instructors each year to balance our seasoned, well-known instructors. This mixes up the courses provided and adds exciting, new approaches to age old concepts. To apply to share a class, please fill out our New Teacher Form so we can get to know you!


In an ongoing effort to keep everyone feeling safe in regards to covid as we begin to gather again, we will be encouraging CDC guidelines which currently state:

“People who are not vaccinated should wear a mask and maintain distance in all indoor public settings and in outdoor settings when they can’t maintain six feet of distance.”

At the start of each class, we will offer colored bracelets to all class participants which will indicate the level of comfort folks have with distance requirements. We will not be asking for proof of vaccination, and ask that unvaccinated individuals consider the safety of others when choosing wristband color.

  • Red: I prefer social distancing whenever possible.

  • Yellow: Please ask consent before entering my space. 

  • Green: I’m feeling safe to be near others. 

Outdoor Classes: Many of our classes are outdoors, but we still encourage folks to bring masks for any time social distancing cannot be maintained. 

Indoor Classes: We will use tape to mark off spots that are 6 feet apart for participants to sit in. Unvaccinated folks should wear a mask throughout the entirety of the class. 

Yes, you can get a credit for another event, or you can transfer your ticket to another person.

To receive credit or to transfer your ticket to another person, notify us in writing by email at at least 7 days prior to the start of the class or event you’ll miss. No post-deadline requests accepted. 

Email us at to redeem your credit. We do not offer refunds. There are no credits for no-shows.