DIY Blacksmithing w/ Tod Kershaw

WP Blacksmithing photo

About the Workshop: DIY Blacksmithing What can I make with a  piece of scrap metal?  Is this something that can be worked in the forge?  Will it make a good […]

Magical Mead Making w/ Marissa Percoco

About the Workshop: Mead Making Delve into the ancient art of mixing honey–the nectar of the flowers of plants gathered by the bees–with local fruit, flowers, roots & herbs to […]

Hip-Hop & Healing w/ Isa Whitaker

About the Workshop: Hip-Hop and Healing Join multi-talented lyricist, Hip-Hop artist, and Firefly Gathering Equity Advocate Isa Whitaker for an afternoon exploring the roots of Hip-Hop. From learning history to […]

Basket Weaving: Willow Carry-All Baskets with Tyler Lavenburg

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Registration Closure: Thursday, September 12, 2024 About the Workshop: Basket Weaving In this three-day willow immersion, instructor Tyler Lavenburg will show you how to weave up a mighty-fine carry-all basket, […]

Animal Kin Connection – Deer Bone Whistles w/ Josh Barnwell

deer bone whistle image

About the Workshop: Animal Kin Connection- Deer Bone Whistles Bone has met the material needs for peoples the world over since time immemorial. Harder and sharper than wood, less brittle […]