Firefly is a robust and diverse community of people collaborating together to find balance, build community and learn how to be good humans upon our beloved Earth. There are a number of ways to join in on the Firefly Family Fun! You can donate and/or plan on buying a ticket to attend the event in June; you can apply to be an instructor or worktrader; you can serve on the Board of Directors; you could also apply to be on staff. There is a place for everyone in our community!

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The Firefly Gathering is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, and donations are a vital part of our operation. There are many hidden expenses involved in putting on an event such as Firefly, and all donations go to covering these extra costs so that we can continue to price our tickets affordably.

Scholarship funds go directly to sponsoring folks from underserved & marginalized communities and to people with special situations that preclude them from paying or from doing worktrade in order to attend Firefly. We award scholarships to people whom we feel will share the skills and philosophies at Firefly with communities that would otherwise not be exposed to them. Every $240 contributed means another person gets to attend this life-changing event who otherwise might not be able to participate.

We also accept sponsorships. Firefly would not be possible without the support of local and national individuals and businesses who reflect our values. Our newsletter and social media accounts reach over 14,000 people, and our many event attendees can experience your product at the Gathering and see you there.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please fill out this form or contact us at

To learn more about how we use the funds we receive from donations and ticket sales, click here to view our Financial Statement.

To support the Gathering with a donation, please click the button below. You will be redirected to our Paypal page. Thank you so much for your generous support.


Worktrading is an awesome opportunity to witness how an event as complex as The Firefly Gathering seemingly appears from the ethers, as if by magic, then returns from whence it came, like mist rising from a river at dawn and dissipating in the sun’s warming rays.  You can be one of the magicians that breathes life into this vision and interact with the inner workings of Firefly.

Many people ask how they can become more involved with our organization, and Worktrade is a great opportunity to do that. Many of our staff positions are filled from rock star work traders, and the community that has grown over the years is so beautiful to be a part of.  It’s ideal for folks who cannot afford tickets and for folks passionate about working hard to help create this special experience with a large, motivated group of wonderful people.

2021 worktrade applications will be available in spring 2021.


The Firefly community is honored to work with so many skilled instructors over the years. They offer an abundance of classes spanning a broad range of topics, skills, and perspectives. We seek out local masters in each field who are excited to come and share the skills and knowledge that they have refined over years of study, practice, and instruction.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of classes that share skills to connect us to the land and our cohabitants, to ourselves and one another, and to our ancestors and our future generations.

We hold space for new and upcoming instructors each year to balance our seasoned, well-known instructors. This mixes up the courses provided and adds new and exciting approaches to age old concepts.

2021 teaching applications will be posted in spring. Instructors who have taught in the past do not need to apply again; you are already in our system.