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Give your loved ones the gift of learning from The Firefly Gathering’s wide array of expert Earthskill instructors! Firefly offers year-round workshops and hosts the largest Earthskills gathering in the country every summer, with classes ranging from fire craft and herbal medicine to food sovereignty, permaculture, and beyond. Our Online Gift Certificates can be used for any online purchases of Annual Gathering tickets, Perennial Workshops, as well as locally designed and printed Firefly merchandise (coming soon)! These gift certificates offer a unique opportunity for your loved ones to choose their own adventure, and make for an unforgettable gift! 

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Kim Dunn

Finance Manager (she/her)

Kim grew up in a multicultural home in the Midwest. Since her teenage years she was already enamored with yoga and spiritual traditions of the East. After college, she answered a deep longing to go to Asia to discover her roots, to immerse herself in the Chinese language, and to expand her mind.

Living in Shanghai for over 5 years brought the wonderful experience teaching yoga full time and connecting with her cultural identity. In 2018 she left China to go to Europe, where she lived in Romania and then France for a couple years. This was her “DIY Masters” degree period where she learned yoga nidra, astrology, guitar, and wildcrafting, all while facilitating women’s circles and addressing personal health issues.

In the spring of 2021, Kim made the decision to come back to the US for the same reason why she left: roots. A true rooting phase is in process, with long term dreams of building a home and community. She’s grateful to be back in NC, tucked away in the mountains where she’s synthesizing all that she’s learned to offer to the world. These travels have enabled an authentic embodiment of the bridge between East and West that she was born to be.