Delaney’s First Aid Tips & Pack List for Firefly Gathering

Get insights on how to stay hydrated, dry, and in frolicking-form at the Gathering with our First Aid and Safety Coordinator, Delaney Rae.

We sat down with Delaney Rae, First Aid and Safety Coordinator at the Annual Firefly Gathering, to get her insights on how to stay hydrated, dry, and in frolicking-form at the Gathering! Read more below, and be sure to take special note of Delaney’s Pack List while you’re getting ready for our time together. Get your water bottles ready, and we’ll see you soon!

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What is the Herbal First Aid Tent at Firefly Gathering?

The first aid booth and safety team brings together people from all over with a wide range of experience and skills. From clinical herbalists, acupuncturists, behavioral therapists, to registered nurses. 

Together, we are committed to using the highest-quality herbal remedies and respecting each patient’s individual needs and boundaries. We aim to listen fully and without bias,  to our patients with THEIR goals and best interests in mind at all times. 

What kind of conditions should attendees prepare for at Firefly Gathering?

Expect the unexpected! Most likely there will be rain, sunny hot days, cool nights, humidity, ticks, stinging insects and maybe even snakes.  Be prepared so that you can still have fun, and be present!

What are a few of the most common issues folks come to you for at the Herbal First Aid Tent at Firefly?

We get a lot of cases of foot injuries, dehydration, bug bites, rashes and ticks. 

What items should be on everyone’s pack list when it comes to preventative care? 

– Water vessel to stay hydrated 

– Good headlamp and extra batteries. 

– Comfortable and already broken-in shoes

– Rain gear

– Bring layers. Clothes to block the sun and clothes to bundle up in at night. Humid nights here tend to be colder than one might expect. 

-Socks! At least three pairs. Wool is best. Don’t bring your cotton socks, as they will not dry or let your feet breathe in rainy weather. 

– If you are prescribed, carry your fast-acting medications like epi or albuterol with you at all times. There are long distances of walking between certain activities, so play it safe! 

What are a few key things folks can do while they are at the Gathering given these conditions?

– Carry a bag or basket with you so you have important items at all times (Headlamp, Water, Snacks, Layers, Hat, etc.) 

-Keep  a vessel of water with you at all times. Sip regularly and top it off when you can. 

– Have a light at night and pay attention to where you step. 

– Do a tick check on yourself or with a trusted friend at least once a day. 

– People love to go barefooted at Firefly! I recommend being barefoot in terrain that you are familiar with during the day. Have shoes to put on once dusk comes around or you venture into unfamiliar turf.

– Make sure your tent is waterproof. Bring an extra tarp. Put a ground cover underneath your sleeping zone.

– Wash your hands with running water and soap regularly. Especially after using the bathroom and before eating. 

Is there anything else you’d like attendees to know about how to prepare, or the Herbal First Aid Tent in general?

Know your limits! When you realize that your boots you thought were comfortable gave you a blister, or that you were enjoying your class so much that you forgot to stay hydrated and now you have a headache, there is no need to push through discomfort all on your own. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! 

We have supplies and herbs for prevention as well. It’s best to ask for help BEFORE there is a problem, but we are there for you at any time! 

About Delaney Rae: 

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Delaney first found her interest in medicine while backing on the Appalachian Trail in 2012. After becoming a Wilderness EMT, she worked in emergency medicine at music festivals and gatherings around the east coast. In between summers working at festivals, Delaney spent her winters learning how to build. During 2020, she realized that it was time to expand her knowledge.

Now, Delaney teaches Women’s Carpentry at Wild Abundance and works on various building projects while attending school to earn a Master’s Degree in Classical Chinese Medicine. Delaney looks forward to becoming an Acupuncturist as a way to integrate health care, body mechanics, meditation and her love of nature.


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