Wild Edible Plants: A Few of Firefly’s Springtime Favorites

Common NEttles by Uwe H. Friese on Wikipedia shwoing flowers meaning its too late to safely eat

Spring is the perfect time for clearing our livers of winter’s heavier foods and hibernating energies. We’ve gathered for your enjoyment and exploration a list of some of our favorite wild edible plants to get you started!

The Sacred Ritual of Everyday Tasks: An Interview with Emileigh Zola

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“What a miracle all aspects of life are if we are able to just slow down and look through the eyes of a child. There is so much to be joyful for – so much to delight in. When I teach classes, I set the container by creating these moments for pause and reflection. I ask my students to create an intention that they can weave into their broom that will help to anchor them in presence as they sweep every day.”

Winter Solstice: Musings On the Underworld, Being a Humanimal, and the Sacredness of Celebration From Our Director


Firefly’s Director Marissa Percoco dives deep into the ideas of voluntary simplicity, and of emphasizing the animal in humanimal in daily life, to sew into your own musings for the year to come.

The Wild World of Willows:  Natural History, Ecology and more!

As a community, let’s intertwine our root masses of relationships so that soil and soul can stay in place, in the same way that willows prevent stream erosion. Let’s collectively create flexible stems and skills that help us weave baskets of inclusivity and resilience. And may we cultivate adaptability so that we are able to re-root even if we’re torn away by the floodwaters and lost for some time…

Mushroom Foraging in Fall – Firefly’s Favorite Five Fungi

Chicken of the Woods Can you find it by Staj scaled e1662566018806

Our favorite mycelial friends are back in action, and we’ve put together our top 5 favorite fall mushrooms in the Southern Appalachians, with ID tips, how to cook them and where to find them.