Activism, Social Justice and The Firefly Gathering

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Activism is nothing new to The Firefly Gathering, which started because a group of folks realized that the current paradigm was completely unsustainable for our species and planet. However, some folks say Firefly is not the place for activism…here’s our thoughts.

Firefly’s Response to Covid-10

Deerfields Mills River NC

As the world experiences this great COVID-19 crisis together, one of the best ways we can serve each other is to limit our contact, thereby slowing the rate of transmission and hopefully keeping health care available for all who need it.

2019 Firefly Financial Statement

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The Gathering is run by a group of educators, activists and stewards who are working diligently to make this a financially sustainable project while promoting our mission.

Tips For Your First Firefly Experience

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Don’t be shy! This gathering is full of like-minded, open, and kind-hearted folks. Make it a point to connect with someone new and you will be glad you did.

Tracking And Awareness: How To Make A Tracking Stick

foot on sand tracking animals

Building familiarity with tracks will teach details about the people or animals who make them.