“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” – Cesar Chavez

Here at Firefly, we know that belonging to something greater than ourselves is crucial to being a vibrant and connected human. As humans, we’ve evolved in tight knit social groups, dependent on each other to survive. In today’s fast-paced world, we believe that disconnection from nature, each other, and ourselves is at the root of much suffering. At Firefly, we seek to cultivate a strong place-based community in the Asheville Area—one that seeks to identify the needs as well as the abundance of its members and works to unite the two so that we can all thrive together. From volunteer days, awesome fundraisers, sliding scale ticket pricing, the Equity Fund, worktrade opportunities, and discounts for racialized communities, Firefly’s programs build bridges of support within our greater community.

The past few years have shown us that strength comes from the ground up, from the support networks we as individuals create, and from each other. We seek to identify the emerging needs of this rapidly changing time through the lens of nature and our elders and meet those needs by weaving a strong web of change that ALL can be a part of.


The Firefly Gathering is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations are a vital part of our operation. There are many expenses involved in running an entity like Firefly, and donations support all our programs so that we can continue to make them available to more folks. 

Our Equity Fund goes directly to sponsoring folks from racialized communities and to people with special situations that preclude them from paying or from doing worktrade in order to attend Firefly. We offer these funds to people whom we feel will share the skills and philosophies at Firefly with communities that would otherwise not be exposed to them. Every $50 contributed means another day that someone gets to attend this life-changing event who otherwise might not be able to participate.

We also accept sponsorships. Firefly would not be possible without the support of local and national individuals and businesses who reflect our values. Our newsletter and social media accounts reach over 14,000 people, and our many event attendees can experience your product at the Gathering and see you there.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at

To learn more about how we use the funds we receive from donations and ticket sales, click here to view our Financial Statement.

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equity fund

“Nature-connection is not neutral on stolen Indigenous land in a settler nation built by stolen Black labor. Ancestral skills are not neutral on stolen land. Survival skills are not neutral on stolen land. It must be anti-racist or it is complicit to racism, anti-Indigeneity + anti-Blackness.”

Pinar Sinopoulos Lloyd: Queer Nature ---

When we think about traditional skills and ancestral wisdom, it is easy to romanticise the past, envisioning a time when we were able to live our fullest lives, wild and free, in a land that was vibrant, balanced and pristine. This was not, however, the reality for many. Anyone who has family roots on American soil is either decended from the survivors of genocide, slavery, and generations of physical, spiritual, and cultural harm; or decended from colonialists who were the perpetrators and beneficiaries of that harm. Many of us are descendants of both. This trauma affects us all, and it will take generations of work to heal our bodies, our communities, and our cultures.

Here at Firefly, we seek to be a part of radical social change. Sharing skills out of context can perpetuate harm, rather than heal it. We strive to offer our content and programming from a foundation of anti-oppression work, recognizing that particular styles and techniques come from particular peoples, and so should they be credited. And yet, ancient Earthskills—friction fire, bow hunting, trapping, foraging—are things that all peoples everywhere have done in many ways. We can both honor the lineage of each skill and celebrate the fact that these skills unify us as all coming from one humanity. 

In our efforts to be inclusive and accessible, Firefly Gathering offers multiple avenues of support. In addition to sliding scale pricing and an additional equity discount for most of our perennial workshops, we also have an Equity Fund, which helps cover the cost of our annual event. These funds are specifically to support people from racialized communities. We believe that everyone should have access to these crucial skills, knowledge and experiences. 

We offer this support with the vision of fostering a strong and diverse community of earth-centered people steeped in the knowledge and skills that Firefly has to offer, who in turn can work in their own greater communities, spreading this knowledge and sharing the skills and experiences they have learned with others. We also welcome the skills and wisdom that come into our gathering from these participants. Equity, anti-oppression, environmental and social justice work are forefront in our minds and hearts as we move forward as a community, as a school and as an organization.

The Equity Fund Application will be available in early spring 2022.


To make our main event more accessible, we offer discounted tickets for those who wish to trade some of their time to help us create the magic and organize the event. A worktrade pass can discount half to most of the ticket price, depending on how much time is available to trade. Plus, being part of our worktrade crew is such an awesome way to connect with the community, get to know people, and become an integral part of the fun! We believe that everyone should have access to these crucial skills and knowledge, and seek to create as many supported avenues into our event as possible. 

At this time, Worktrade is only available for our Annual Gathering in the spring. 

The worktrade application will be available in early spring 2022.


“LIfe’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"

The Firefly Gathering relies on the community support that it has nurtured for more than a decade. In the spirit of reciprocity and community building, we are partnering with other local nonprofits and businesses to cultivate opportunities to offer that support to each other, our elders, and various communities and neighborhoods around the greater Asheville area who could greatly benefit from our energy and collective abundance. 

This might be in the form of community and school garden projects, work days at elder’s homes, individual home repairs, outreach programs, and much more. We will also be offering fun community activities from time to time to bring folks together to connect. Sign up for our volunteer newsletter here to learn more about our upcoming opportunities.

This might be in the form of community and school garden projects, work days at elder’s homes, individual home repairs, outreach programs, and much more. We will also be offering fun community activities from time to time to bring folks together to connect. Sign up for our volunteer newsletter below to learn more about our upcoming opportunities.

code of conduct

At Firefly, we require our event participants and staff to agree to:

  • help facilitate a safe and inviting learning experience for my fellow classmates

  • ABSTAIN from any form of discrimination or abuse, including the following:

    • racist, sexist and homo/transphobic language and behaviors

    • sexual harassment

    • religious or political bigotry

  • communicate respectfully, even when I disagree

  • listen, with the best of my ability, with an open mind and heart

  • express gratitude and appreciation