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November 6, 2024 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

About [Template II] Workshop

Don’t include header for class description unless there’s a quote or something above it…

[Template II] Workshop Details

This class will be held [outdoors/ under a covered pavilion] / [indoors] on [Day of Week] [Month Date, Year] from [Start Time] – [End Time] in/near [City, NC].

This class is for [everyone / beginners / novices / advanced]. [What to bring – bagged lunch, wear warm clothes, notebook, camera, rain jacket, etc].Minimum age is [age /. age with adult].

Additional Info (for classes like Willow Pack Basket)

test test

test test

test test

About the Instructor [NAME]

[brief bio] If inserting link about the instructor, their webpage, etc, make sure the link isn’t just “here” but that the link text has keywords or other relevant info on them (linked words can increase SEO)

Equitable Pricing Model $[high] – $[low]

In order to make our workshops more accessible, we offer two price options for each class, with an additional Equity Discount for qualifying individuals. Please consider these options and select your price at checkout.

  • Sponsor Price $[]: For those who have enough to share, thank you for being a Sponsor. This is an opportunity to contribute towards the cost of the class for someone else.
  • Standard Price $[]: The Standard reflects one person’s share of what it costs to produce the class and cover basic expenses.
  • Equity Discount $[]: We offer an additional Equity Discount for those from the following communities who support reparations and/or an equitable redistribution of wealth and would not have access to this workshop without this discount:

Thank you for helping transform the world into a culture of abundance, resilience, and opportunity for all.

Which Price Option is Right for You?*

*Please check your pricing options before you register for your first Perennial Workshop. The pricing options are the same for all events, so you only need to do it once!


 Create Tickets: ONE for EACH price tier

  1. Click settings – make sure total ticket #/ capacity is set (shared  across all tickets)

         1. “SHORTNAME CLASS – MM/DD/YYYY Sponsor Price Supports accessibility for others as well as yourself

        2. “SHORTNAME CLASS – MM/DD/YYYY Standard Price Covers your share of basic class expenses

         3. “SHORTNAME CLASS – MM/DD/YYYY *Equity Discount *Available for those of the global majority who identify as coming from a racialized community or an underrepresented ethnicity and would not have access to this workshop without this discount

     2. Add Ticket Attendee info (after creating each ticket)

  • Select preexisting attendee fields:  S&S for Standard or Sponsor – Select Equity for Equity
  1. Change age description to match form
  2. Change age dropdown to match ages allowed
  3. Students in this class must be at least 12 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. If the guardian is going to participate in the class, the guardian must also purchase a ticket.

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Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on all things Firefly, including Perennial Workshops, Firefly's Book Nook, and Annual Gathering News.

Kimberly Dunn

Finance Manager (she/her)

Having grown up in a multicultural family, Kimberly’s love for languages and traditional cultures is infused into everything she creates. After many years overseas, she now calls the Appalachian mountains her home and continues to keep the adventure alive by staying close to the wild. Kimberly is a singer songwriter, dancer, women’s circle facilitator, personal finance astrologer, bookkeeper, yoga teacher, and chef.